About Us


Ensuring that individual and teams think clearly and act consciously with tenacity , focus and clarity is becoming a daunting task. More than ever, individuals have to harness their human potential more to harness forces of change and disruption. Problem solving, technology adoption, innovation and collaboration, continuous learning and improvement are the new generation work place demands.

So what is CATANALYST?


We promote a double-loop learning to enable changes in behaviour, cognition, vision and belief systems  to promote individual and organisational knowledge and hence promote desired results. Our coaching, consulting and tools, promote individual and team effectiveness and equips them to handle 21st century demands in a work places more effectively.

  • We help individuals and teams track their thoughts, actions and beliefs and help them channelize their actions to produce desired results.
  • We enable individuals and teams to track and respond to events connected to their desired actions so that they are more proactive about it.
  • We promote dynamic flow of information and feedback from stakeholders and participants in the action so that course corrections can be made.

Our Vision and Mission


To enable enterprises and individuals to engage at higher levels of self actualisation by combining management, leadership and psychology with technology.

Our vision for the next few years is to increase performance levels of individuals and teams by increasing the level of knowledge, engagement, leadership and trust in individuals and teams.

Meet the team

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Sairam Jayaraman-Founder

Sairam is ICA accredited organisational coach working on PCC certification under the ICF umbrella. Sairam is also a Berkley HAAS alumni with a business executive program in management focusing on coaching, deliberate practice, entrepreneurship, problem solving and innovation management.

Sairam has 27 years of experience in corporate leadership both in the application and infrastructure space across functions including technical, project management, process and quality management, sales & marketing. Armed with a masters degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science and a MBA degree in Technology Management from the Deakin University of Australia;

Sairam has a passion to transform the mind set and task behaviours of professionals by systematically applying technology, Psychology, training, mentoring and coaching, so that a true collective potential is unleashed in families, institutions, social circles and organisations.


Shankar Profile
Shankar Subramanian-CTO & Co Founder
Shankar is an IT industry veteran with special focus on enterprise products and services. His area of interest is in the area of databases, data sciences and mobile technologies. Shankar has 28+ years experience in IT Industry. His enterprise product development experience spans products across Sybase, Cisco and Informatica.
Shankar has special passion about building products and teams and has a special penchant for developing and mentoring technical skills. His special interest now is in machine learning, big data, mobile and collaboration technologies and application of those technologies to enable skills, knowledge and behaviour in individuals, teams and enterprises. He has a degree in computer science from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.
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